Tomato extract Lycopene


Tomato extract Lycopene

  •  English name: lycopene
  •  Alias: ψ-carotene; lycopene; lycopene; lycopene;
  •  Extracted: Fresh fruit from the tomato plant
  •  Active Ingredient: Lycopene
  •  CAS: 502-65-8
  •  Molecular formula. : C40H56
  •  Appearance. : Crimson
  •  Detection method: HPLC
  •  Available Specifications: 5% -95%

Product properties: acicular crimson crystals
What is lycopene:
Lycopene (Lycopene), also known as ψ-carotene, isoprene compounds, is a carotenoid. Is a plant contained in a natural pigment. Mainly present in mature fruit of the tomato family of Solanaceae plants. It is one of the strongest antioxidants found in plants in nature.

Helps to delay aging
Help enhance the anti-radiation ability;
Help to regulate blood lipids;
On the male infertility has improved;
Help to promote the healthy development of female breasts.
Prevention and inhibition of tumor.
Medicines and health products raw materials natural coloring agent


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